Humanely raised,
Sustainably produced

From our pastures to your plate



happy cows = healthy beef

Pasture born. Pasture raised. We genuinely believe a happy, natural life at grass means better beef for you and a difference you can taste in every bite.

No feedlots, overcrowding, or antibiotics – just premium quality meat as nature intended, delivered right to your door.


The Way your grandpa did it

Plenty of beef farms claim to be grass-fed, but very few like ours can say their cows eat freely in pastures rather than overcrowded pens or feedlots.

When you buy from Hippie Cow, you’re choosing beef that’s better for you, and better for the environment.


zero feed lots

Feedlots lead to overcrowding and inhumane conditions that ultimately impact the quality of your food. They also pollute the surrounding environment and demand a tremendous amount of water and fuel – something we pride ourselves on managing with eco-friendly efficiency.


Environmentally Sound Practices

By utilizing Mob Grazing, an internationally recognized method for improving soil, we eliminate the need for herbicides, pesticides and GMO feed.


no Hidden Surprises

By selling direct to you and overseeing every step of the process, we can ensure environmental accountability begins at our pasture and ends on your plate. No middlemen, no additives, no BS – Just great beef direct to your door.


for a cause

We’re proud to be the only Texas beef company to donate a portion of our profits to veteran causes like Heroes and Horses. Learn more about this worthy cause or make a donation today.

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